• Equity
    Amit Sahita Finance Pvt Ltd with membership of Bombay Stock Exchange renders quality services to its clients and traders for trading in equities.
  • Commodity
    Amit Sahita with memberships of National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd renders quality services to its clients, hedgers and traders for trading in commodities. We have Sales Tax Registration in every Indian state where commodity delivery centers are located.

  • Mutual Fund
    As an investor, you would like to get maximum returns on your investments, but you may not have the time to continuously study the stock market to keep track of them. You need a lot of time and knowledge to decide what to buy or when to sell. A lot of people take a chance and speculate, some get lucky, most don t. This is where mutual funds come in.
    With the variety of investment options available today, we suggest that you seek guidance from a financial advisor. Nearly every investment entails special risks that should be discussed with an experienced professional. Your investment goals are unique, and an advisor can help you find the right fund to match your needs. At Amit Sahita, our vision is to provide you with the most ideal solutions in wealth management for your overall financial well-being.